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Untitled Document Welcome to Karakorum Adventures

Day 01            Arrive Kashgar

Day 02            Kashgar city tour

Day 03            Drive to Tashkurgan

Day 04           Tashkurgan to Gulmit

Day 05           Ghulkin glacier excursion

Day 06           Drive to Hunza 

Day 07           Hunza

Day 08           Drive to Gilgit

Day 09           Drive to Naran

Day 10           Drive to Islamabad

Day 11           Islamabad city tour

Day 12           Departure



Detailed Itinerary

To the many merchants, wandering armies, and adventurers of our ancient civilizations, the Silk Road served as an important communication link between cultures and economies.  During the time of the Han Dynasty (206 BCE-220 CE), this 5000-mile stretch of trade routes was possibly the world’s first “Internet,” linking Asia to Europe and Africa.  Today one can travel the Silk Road anand still find evidence of the people, ideas, and goods that traveled and transformed its links.

Day 1:Arrive Kashghar.

One of our stuff members will pick you up at Kyrgyz – Chinese border and help you with custom clearance of luggage. Once official complexities are over you will be shifted to Kashgar for the night.



Day 2:Kashgahr Bazar and City Tour.


We will begin our tour of Kashgar City by visiting the Apak Hoja tomb also called fragrant concubine tomb (Xmgfei in Chinese). This is a very tranquil place and a beautiful example of Uyghur Islamic architecture. Next we will head to the Infamous lively Sunday market renowned as the biggest market in Central Asia. It is
said you can buy anything you want from the Sunday market except chicken milk and Cow eggs. We will then enjoy lunch in a typical Uyghur restaurant.

After lunch we will wander through the narrow winding streets of the historic Old town brushing shoulders with the friendly Uyghur residents. Located at the spiritual heart of old town is Id Kah Mosque, the largest mosque in China. We will go inside and have the chance to understand a bit more about the Islamic life of the Uyghur people. We will pass down Handicraft Street where we can view pots being hammered, wood craftsmen at work and traditional musical instrument workshops.

 Overnight in Hotel.

Day 3:Kashghar to Tashkrugan.

Today we will drive from Kashgar to Tashkurgan, Last post before the border.

In the Uyghur language, Tash kurgan means ‘stone fortress’. The ruins of a huge mud- brick fort still stand on the edge of town, and although estimated to be about 600 years old, local lore says Tashkurgan has been a citadel for over 2300 years. The Greek phi- losopher-scientist Ptolemy (AD 90-168) mentioned Tashkurgan in his Guide to Geography as a stop on the road to China.

The Chinese Buddhist pilgrim Xuan wrote about the fortress in the 7th century when it was the furthest frontier outpost of the Tang dynasty.

Overnight in Hotel.

Day 4:Cross Over to Gulmit Pakistan.

In the morning you will board a mini bus and proceed towards Pakistani border,  pak – china border also known as Khunjerab Pass after a short stay at Khunjerab we will continue the journey through Khunjerab national park where sighting of wild life such marco polo, snow leopard is quite common and many international hunter come to this park for hunting games after crossing Khunjerab you will enter first town on Pakistan side know as Sost here you will be greeted by your Pakistani guide to accompany you on rest of the journey . After clearing customs and passport formalities you will be taken to PTDC motel Sost for lunch.

After lunch we will continue driving along side Hunza river to Gulmit, a must stop on Karakorum highway with its newly form lake it look more beautiful then ever. On the way to Gulmit you will able to see Batura glacier, 57 Kms long and third largest glacier outside Polar Regions.

Overnight in Hotel Marco polo inn.

Day 5:Ghukin Glacier Excrusion.

A twisting track behind Gulmit climbs for an hour to friendly Kamaris village, with views up and down the valley. A half-hour walk northeast from Kamaris brings you to the ruins of Andra Fort, built about 200 years ago to defend Gulmit in Hunza’s struggles with neighbouring Nagyr.From Kamaris, a footpath crosses the stream below Gulmit Glacier, then becomes a jeep track up to Ghulkin village. From Ghulkin, a path crosses the Ghulkin Glacier to Borit Lake, two hours away. It’s 1.25km across the glacier, the way marked by a cairn on the south moraine and a big cleft or dip in the north moraine.

Overnight in Hotel.








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