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Day 1: arrivein Urumqi,the capital city of xin jian uygur autonomous region, meet at airport, transfer to hotel.

Day 2: Dnve from Urumqi to Korla, on the way, visit the Bosten Lake.

Day3: Dnve from Korla to Mingfeng, Crossing the Taklimakan Desert from north to south on the longest desert highway in the world.

Day 4: drive from Mingfeng to Yutian, hen turn north to drive along the Keliya River into the desart,on the way,visit the  local ethnic groups, enjoy the scenery of the poplar forest along the river. Camping at night

Day 5: Continue drive north along the Keliya River to the Daheyan Village. Camping,

Day 6-Day12:Using 7 days, trekking 88 km in the center of Taklimakan Desert from east to west, to Mazartagh mountain(1246m high) by the side of Hotan River, and climb to the top of Mt. Mazartagh to enjoy the magnificent view of the desert, the river, and the sunset. In the evening, have a bonfire party to celebrate the success of the trekking. (Note: Each day, trek about 20 km in about 6 hours) Camping.

Day13—Day14:Drive north for 2 days along the Hetan River from Marztagh to Aksu at the north side of the desert

 Day l5: Drive from Aksu to Kucha, visit the Kezil Thousand Buddha Cave, and the Kucha Grand Mosque. Day16: Dnve from Kucha to Turpan.

Day 17: Stghtseemg in Turpan, including the Karez underground irrigation system, the Jiaohe GtyRumes, Sugong f lower, Flaming Mountains and the Grape Valley.

Day 18: Morning visit the Beziklik Thousand Buddha Cave, the Astana Tomb, and the Gaochang City Rumes Then drive back to Urumqi, on the way, visit the wind power station.

Day 19: Morning visit the Erdaoqiao Bazaar in Urumqi, after lunch, transfer to airport for your departure


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