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Welcome to Karakorum Adventures

There are many reasons why people hunt. For a villager in a remote mountain community, the hunt may be done out of economic necessity, while an international trophy hunter may leave the comforts of his home and seek the solitude of a far away mountain side, risking life and limb in pursuit of a much sought after head. Generally, it is assumed that hunting will eliminate a threatened animal species. This would have been true before t h e introduction of trophy hunting, when villagers hunted for food and not for sport. In modern trophy hunting , large sums of money are paid by intending hunters as trophy fee, which largely go to the communities. Thus the communities see the economic value of wild life and desist from unn e c e s - sary killing of game animals and protect them on a sustainable basis. Thus, remote communities from the mountains find that the trophy hunters are the greatest conservationist who contribute monetarily to the support of wildlife and protection of natural habitat, which is essen- tial for the survival of wildlife. Hunt- ers have been g r e a t s u p - p o r t e r s of conservation p r o g rammes, education, health & drinking water sources for remote communities in the wilderness. Following wildlife sightings and hunts are available with us. 1. Markhor Kashmir

2. Kabul Markhor

3. Markhor Straight Horn

4. Urial

5. Himalayan Ibex

6. Sindh Ibex

7. Blue Sheep

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